• ECDL

Given the rapid development of information technology and the expansion of computer use in almost every aspect of our daily lives, the need has arisen for teaching and assessment / certification programs even for younger ages, to ensure the gradual and smooth introduction of children in new technologies. The ECDL-e-KIDS exam is aimed at children attending primary school and begin to develop their knowledge and skills in computer science. The e-KIDS test will be a standard system for assessing computer skills for children of this age. To be able to teach properly, you must love, understand and respect teaching, as well as every person in front of you. It is no coincidence that in the last 2 years (2017-2019), our tuition center has had 100% success from all students, from different ages, in the ECDL exams. Our proof and guarantee, your own results! ECDL is a career tool for any citizen looking for a job or career advancement in the private or public sector. It is addressed to both pupils and students as well as to employees or not, to professionals, business executives, private and public servants. At the same time, ECDL proves necessary in businesses and organizations, in the public or private sector, who wish to evaluate or certify the level of knowledge of their potential, but also to confirm the skills of their candidate executives. ECDL is the globally accepted labor market certification standard! Computer Tutorial - ECDL ❗CompuLab Cy ❗