Parrot Drones (Travis-Swing)

The Parrot Airborne Cargo is a remote controlled mini Drone with unique functions and operation from your device!

Intuitive control - Download the free control application! Suitable for all Smartphones and Tablets that have Android or iOS software, and you are ready. With a tilt of your device, you can control the direction of your mini Drone, while with its release, the Drone stabilizes immediately.

Fly like a professional 
Thanks to the mini Drone autopilot function, anyone can become an expert as the built-in sensors allow easy take-off and landing. It also has the exclusive and patented navigation function for beginners, Absolute Control that can be adjusted according to your growing experience.

Explore more
 - With the Parrot Airborne Drone and via smart Bluetooth connection, it can fly up to 20 meters away. The integrated pressure sensors provide unique stability, while they will correct and maintain a stable position in the air regardless of altitude and winds up to 18 km / h.

Do stunts- This flip move is exclusive, become a bold pilot and perform barrel rolls with the touch of your finger.

Handle it like a pro - Thanks to the mini Drone autopilot function, anyone can become an expert as the built-in sensors allow easy bouncing. The new also features the exclusive and patented beginner navigation Absolute Control that can be adjusted to suit your growing experience.

Internal and external protectors - The full shield protects the mini Drone from the effects of fierce battles against hidden enemies in the rooms of the house. The aerodynamic, colorful design allows for greater control outdoors.

Fly everywhere!

Parrot Airborne Night
With Bluetooth Smart v4.0 wireless connection with a range of 20 meters, nothing limits you. Explore the area with great flexibility and speed by performing unique tricks! The 550mAh detachable lithium battery lasts 9 minutes of continuous use with a full charge in just 25 minutes!

Fantastic tricks!

Wherever you are, you can perform unique tricks with the touch of your finger! Front flips, side loops, rotations and anything else you can imagine! The propellers are activated automatically when you let it fall, and as soon as you catch it, the led lights turn red so you can safely touch it!
Parrot Airborne Night

Unique Stability!

Parrot Airborne Night
The Parrot Airborne Cargo includes 3 unique sensors that make it very easy to operate and very stable. Initially it has a pressure sensor for flight altitude, ultrasonic sensor for precise flights close to the ground and with the help of a vertical camera synchronized at 60fps to effectively measure speed! All the above with the help of the application which is free to download for all Smartphones / Tablets with Android / iOS software.

With free application for download!

Easy operation from your Smartphone / Tablet! You can easily and quickly download the application for free from the App Store or the Goole Play Store, in order to turn your device into a unique remote control! Do everything quickly and easily with easy handling and instructions to learn all the tricks!
Parrot Airborne Night

Plan a series of moves!

Parrot Airborne Night
With FreeFlight 3, you can plan a series of moves and tricks in advance, and then watch them perform with great precision! The application is available for free from the App Store and the Goole Play Store.

Photos with all the action

Take unique photos with the help of a 480x640 vertical resolution camera. Everything that is recorded is sent directly to your device. With the new navigation application, everything is simple and done wirelessly and instantly!
Parrot Airborne Night

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