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Cosmetics refrigerator-The perfect choice for you in Cyprus!

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We know how much you love your cosmetics and how carefully you choose the best ones for your daily face and body care. So you deserve to keep them in good condition and maintain them so that they remain 100% effective! This cosmetic cooler is designed to offer a consistently low temperature. It can go as low as 20°C below ambient temperature and is ideal for your skincare products.

The Vevor Cosmetics Fridge protects to the maximum the beauty products that need extra protection.

Many beauty products spoil before we get to try them, either because they were at room temperature and needed to be stored in a cool place, or because they will expire in a short period of time. This cosmetics refrigerator is small, silent, with curves, which makes it ideal to fit even the most demanding dressing room!

⭐Preserves the active ingredients so they remain effective
⭐Retains the formula/texture of the products
⭐Reduces the growth of bacteria
⭐Extends the shelf life of products, especially those with a lack of preservatives
⭐It is comfortable, light and spacious for our cosmetics

What can we put in the fridge?
Facial Mist
Toners and Eye Creams
Naturally, plant-based and with probiotic products
Beauty masks
Moisturizing creams
Sheet masks and eye masks
DIY Skin care
Jade roll/quartz roll

Capacity: 6 liters
Cooling -20 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature
Heating up to 50 degrees Celsius
Dimensions: (H x W x D) : 35,6 mm x 22,43 x 19,4
Color: Black


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